Ages 3-5 years old | Full Time 7:30AM - 6:00PM | Regular Time 8:00AM - 3:30PM

Pre-Kindergarten Program


Exploring and Growing Together

In our Pre-K program for 3-5-year-olds, we create a rich, stimulating environment that encourages children to explore, question, and grow. Focused on building foundational skills, this program prepares children for kindergarten and beyond, fostering a love for learning.

Our Pre-K Program Philosophy

Our Pre-K program integrates the Reggio Emilia approach with a focus on dynamic, interactive learning environments, fostering independence and collaborative skills in children.

Child-Centered with Reggio Emilia

At the heart of our Pre-K program is the Reggio Emilia philosophy, promoting child-centered learning and development through hands-on experiences and exploration.

Collaborative Learning Environments

Our classrooms are dynamic learning spaces, encouraging curiosity and interaction with diverse materials and setups and fostering teamwork and social skills.

Fostering Independence

We focus on nurturing independence, allowing children to make choices, express themselves, and take charge of their learning journey in preparation for Kindergarten.

Developmental Milestones

This program focuses on preparing children for the academic and social challenges of kindergarten and beyond.

Cognitive Development

Children enhance problem-solving skills and understanding of complex concepts, readying for structured learning.

Language and Communication

Significant language development occurs, with an emphasis on storytelling, vocabulary expansion, and early literacy.

Physical Development

Refined motor skills and coordination are emphasized through activities like writing, cutting, and group games.

Social and Emotional Skills

Children learn to navigate friendships, understand emotions, and develop empathy and cooperation.

Self-Help and Independence

Skills like self-care and managing personal items are encouraged, fostering self-reliance.


A Blend of Learning and Fun

Our curriculum combines educational rigor with the joy of discovery, tailored to the child in preparation for Kindergarten. We include activities like:

  • Interactive LearningEngaging, hands-on activities that encourage exploration and cognitive development.
  • Creative ExpressionArt, music, and drama activities that nurture creativity and self-expression.
  • Outdoor and Physical ActivitiesStructured and free play that develops physical skills and a love of nature.
  • Music ClassesHone coordination, refine skills, embrace musical knowledge, cultivate artistic expression.

Featured Pre-K Activity: Discovering Deers

Our “Discovering Deers” activity invites children to explore the enchanting world of deer, fostering a deep appreciation for wildlife.

  • Through multimedia, students learn about deer habitats, diets, and life cycles in an engaging way.
  • Outdoor excursions offer hands-on experiences, as children gather natural materials and gain knowledge about deers.
  • Classroom crafts using collected items encourage artistic representation of deer habitats.

Our Pre-K Teachers

We ensure each child is supported, celebrated, and guided through these fundamental stages of development in preparation for Kindergarten.


Head Teacher


Assistant Teacher


Assistant Teacher
Pre-K Activities

A Glimpse Inside

Program Fees and Details

Open Minds Early School’s fee structure is essential for sustaining the exceptional learning environment we provide.

  • Enrollment: There is a non-refundable flat enrollment fee of $4,000 ($3,300 for half days) to ensure your child’s placement in the program. This payment will be credited to your yearly tuition.
  • Registration: The $350 registration fee for new students covers state-required paperwork processing for the 2024-2025 academic year. This is a one-time payment and does not apply to returning students.
  • Materials: A one-time materials fee of $150 per child is charged annually in October to cover the cost of replaceable or repairable items such as puzzles, art supplies, blocks, and more.


Pre-K Program

Explore our tuition plans for the Pre-K Program, ages 3-5 years, designed to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Hours Cost
 Full Time – 7:30am to 6pm  $30,350 yearly ($2,529 / month)
 Regular Time – 8am to 3:30pm  $26,300 yearly ($2,192 / month)

Diaper fee is billed separately, only if needed, at $150 / month.


Hear What Our Families Are Saying

  • My daughter has been in this program for a couple of years now and it has completely helped her blossom! She has gained more confidence. Highly recommended.

    Andrea Rubenstein
  • The teachers and the passion the staff had for children/learning. I’ve also loved the parent community OMES is fostering. I love that it’s Spanish immersion and the introduction of a music class.

    Rebecca Sprinzen
  • We visited a lot of daycares and preschools, and are thankful every day we found Open Minds. Our child has been there for a year, and the energy and dedication of the teachers is astounding.

    Dervala Hanley
  • Open Minds was a game-changer for our family. The engaging programs and caring staff have made a significant difference in our child’s development and joy for learning.

    Michelle Johns
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