TK to 5th Grade | 2:00PM - 6:00PM

After School Program


A Diverse and Engaging After School Experience

Our After School program caters to children from TK to 5th grade, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment. The program focuses on homework support, creative and physical activities, and Spanish immersion, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of each age group.

Our After School Program Philosophy

Our After School program extends the Reggio Emilia philosophy to a wide range of ages, emphasizing
experiential learning, child-led exploration, and the importance of a supportive community.

Individualized Learning

Adapting to each child's developmental stage, we provide activities that challenge and engage them at their level.

Community and Collaboration

We foster a sense of community, encouraging children of different ages to learn from and support each other.

Creative Expression

Children are given numerous opportunities to express themselves creatively, enhancing their artistic and imaginative skills.

Developmental and Life-long Skills

Our program focuses on building a wide range of skills from early developmental milestones for toddlers to advanced competencies for older children.

Cognitive Development

We offer activities that enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, and academic skills.

Social and Emotional Skills

Children develop empathy, cooperation, and communication abilities, crucial for lifelong success.

Physical Development

Our program includes movement and physical activities to promote health and coordination.

Language and Literacy

Emphasizing Spanish immersion, we enhance language skills and cultural awareness.

Independence and Self-Confidence

We encourage self-reliance and confidence, preparing children for future challenges.


Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

Our After School curriculum is designed to compliment the school day with a balance of learning and fun. Some activities include:

  • Homework SupportWe provide dedicated time and assistance for homework, ensuring children stay on track academically.
  • Creative and Movement ActivitiesA mix of arts, crafts, and physical activities keeps children engaged and active.
  • Spanish ImmersionChildren immerse in Spanish language experiences, enhancing linguistic skills and cultural understanding.
  • Music ClassesHone coordination, refine skills, embrace musical knowledge, cultivate artistic expression.

Featured After School Activity: Spanish Playdough Vocals

This after-school activity focuses on enhancing Spanish literacy through sensory play and interactive learning.

  • Children shape vowels out of playdough to connect auditory and visual recognition of Spanish vowels.
  • Emphasizing a positive atmosphere, this activity encourages comfort with language exploration.
  • A blend of hands-on, visual, and auditory experiences promotes active learning of the Spanish language.

Our After School Teachers

We ensure each child is supported, celebrated, and guided as they build fundamental life-long skills.


Assistant Teacher


Assistant Teacher


Music Teacher

A Glimpse Inside

Program Fees and Details

Open Minds Early School’s fee structure is essential for sustaining the exceptional learning environment we provide.

  • Enrollment: There is a non-refundable flat enrollment fee of $4,000 ($3,300 for half days) to ensure your child’s placement in the program. This payment will be credited to your yearly tuition.
  • Registration: The $350 registration fee for new students covers state-required paperwork processing for the 2024-2025 academic year. This is a one-time payment and does not apply to returning students.
  • Materials: A one-time materials fee of $150 per child is charged annually in October to cover the cost of replaceable or repairable items such as puzzles, art supplies, blocks, and more.


After School Program

Explore our tuition plan for the After School program, from TK – 5 years, designed to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Days Cost
2 days (Tues-Thurs)  $310 / month
3 days (Mon-Wed-Fri)  $550 / month
5 days  $750 / month
Transport  $250-450 / month



Hear What Our Families Are Saying

  • My daughter has been in this program for a couple of years now and it has completely helped her blossom! She has gained more confidence. Highly recommended.

    Andrea Rubenstein
  • We visited a lot of daycares and preschools, and are thankful every day we found Open Minds. Our child has been there for a year, and the energy and dedication of the teachers is astounding. 

    Dervala Hanley
  • Open Minds was a game-changer for our family. The engaging programs and caring staff have made a significant difference in our child’s development and joy for learning.

    Michelle Johns
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