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At Open Minds Early School, we nurture young minds through a unique and innovative approach to early childhood education. Our school is dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning. With a focus on holistic development, we provide a range of programs tailored to meet the diverse needs and potential of each child, ensuring a supportive, engaging, and enriching educational experience.


Our admissions process is designed to be thorough yet straightforward, ensuring a perfect fit between our school’s ethos and your child’s individual needs. Join the Open Minds community today and unlock your child’s potential through engaging experiences that spark curiosity and foster development. 

Diverse Learning Embraced

Our commitment to various learning styles creates an environment where every child’s learning style is recognized and supported, ensuring personalized and effective education.

Global Teachers, Local Touch

Our team of educators hails from over six Spanish-speaking countries, bringing rich cultural and linguistic experiences and unique global perspectives to our classrooms.

Multi-Cultural Community

We are proud of our inclusive, multicultural community. It’s a melting pot of cultures and ideas, encouraging students to embrace diversity, learn from one another, and grow as global citizens.


The Application Process


Schedule a Tour or Attend a School Event

The first step is for prospective parents to familiarize themselves with the school’s environment and philosophy by scheduling a tour or attending one of our events.


Submit Your Application and Interview

Parents need to submit an admission application along with a non-refundable fee. Additionally, an interview with the Director is conducted to discuss the child’s needs.


Determine a Start Date

For the toddler program, parents select a start date, which the school will honor. For the preschool program, enrollment starts with the school year every August. Rolling admissions will be accepted with space availability and prorated tuition. 


Submit Enrollment Documents

This includes various forms and records such as the admission application, personal rights form, consent forms, immunization records, and others.


Orientation Session

After enrollment processing, parents attend an Orientation Session with the Director to go over the parent handbook and discuss any questions.


First Day of School

Your child starts their first day at Open Minds, with the school emphasizing a smooth transition and partnership with parents. 

Program Fees and Details

Open Minds Early School’s fee structure is essential for sustaining the exceptional learning environment we provide.

  • Enrollment: There is a non-refundable flat enrollment fee of $4,000 ($3,300 for half days) to ensure your child’s placement in the program. This payment will be credited to your yearly tuition.
  • Registration: The $350 registration fee for new students covers state-required paperwork processing for the 2024-2025 academic year. This is a one-time payment and does not apply to returning students.
  • Materials: A one-time materials fee of $150 per child is charged annually in October to cover the cost of replaceable or repairable items such as puzzles, art supplies, blocks, and more.
Where do I submit necessary documents?

Documents can be submitted through email or can be mailed to:

Open Minds Early School

2162 Mountain Blvd Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94611



Toddler Program

Explore our tuition plans for the Toddler Program, ages 18-36 months, designed to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Hours Cost
 Full Time – 7:30am to 6pm  $31,550 yearly ($2,629 / month)
 Regular Time – 8am to 3:30pm  $29,300 Yearly ($2,442 / month)
 Half Day – 8am to 12pm  $1,633 / month

Diaper fee is billed separately, only if needed, at $150 / month for full-time and regular or $75 / month for half day.

Pre-K Program

Explore our tuition plans for the Pre-K Program, ages 3-5 years, designed to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Hours Cost
 Full Time – 7:30am to 6pm  $30,350 yearly ($2,529 / month)
 Regular Time – 8am to 3:30pm  $26,300 yearly ($2,192 / month)

Diaper fee is billed separately, only if needed, at $150 / month.

After School Program

Explore our tuition plan for the After School program, ages 18 months-5 years, designed to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Days Cost
3 days  $500 / month.
5 days  $750 / month.
Transport  $250-450 / month.


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